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Mouse Bean

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Mouse Bean
Mouse Bean
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The MouseBean® Ergonomic Hand Rest - Converts a Regular Mouse into an Ergonomic Mouse in seconds!
The MouseBean® Hand Rest is designed to provide support, protection and comfort when using a mouse. Following detailed research into the causes of mouse-induced wrist pain, the MouseBean® Hand Rest tackles the problem by applying sound ergonomic principles, stylish product design and engineering.

The MouseBean® Hand Rest elevates the forearm to maintain a straight wrist. This reduces stress on the tendons where they run through the carpal tunnel. Overuse of the hand and fingers when the wrist is bent can lead to tenosynovitis (inflammation of the covering of the tendons), a painful condition affecting the forearm. Resting the forearm on the desktop can become increasingly uncomfortable.

  • Corrects poor wrist angle that can lead to pain in the tendons of the forearm
  • Reduces the risk of median nerve compression that can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (OOS).
  • Easy to brand with corporate logos and colours
  • High perceived-value gift
  • Demonstrates a “we care” policy
  • An opportunity to place your company’s name at everybody’s fingertips, without expecting them to throw away their existing mouse and mouse pad.
  • Volume pricing to save you money
  • Increases accuracy and productivity by reducing tension in the hand, arm and neck
  • More comfortable than conventional wrist pads when using a mouse for extended periods
  • Ideal for Web surfers, CAD, Graphics, Web Design, and Programming
  • Can be used with either hand, is easy to clean and the smooth base slides on most surfaces.


For further info and a video showing the MouseBean in use click here

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Colours : Black with Grey Pads
Price: $29.95
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