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Save on ACC Levies With SoleMate

Slips, trips & falls in the workplace are acknowledged by ACC to be the cause of the highest number of claims and payments in dollar terms. They are also recognised by the Department of Labour as being a Significant Hazard, and there is a legislative requirement to have in place a means of controlling the hazard. Using approved safety footwear is a recognised method of control of this Significant Hazard, because an employer can minimise the potential for employees slipping or falling by issuing them with slip resistant footwear that will significantly reduce the potential for a slip, trip & fall.

While slips, trips and falls are only one of a number of Significant Hazards that may be present in the workplace, employers must identify this hazard and its controls as part of the overall hazard management process. Hazard management processes are an important part of the ACC Partnership or Workplace Safety Management Practices Discount Programme, and being in either Programme can enable an employer to obtain a discount on their ACC premium ranging from 10% - 20% depending on how effectively the requirements of the audit standards are met.